I like the immediate response from the office. Additionally I have my document even sooner than the date that we had agreed. That is a big relief from stressful deadlines.A Tingi
The proofreading that was carried out… was excellent, thorough and the proofreader questioned my grammar, meaning of sentences and suggested possible improvements… I cannot rate this proofreader any higher.A HillDoncaster
I was very happy with the proofreading work done on my resources. I thought it was detailed and useful.K RobinsonMiddlewich
I think that the work done was excellent and far better than the proofreading done by other publishers.T BlunnWarwick
Very thorough proofreading.R CochlinChatham
The work you carried out was very accurate and efficient.P AthertonLiverpool
I have been very impressed with [your] meticulous attention to detail.E HamiltonSurrey
I was very pleased that the agency took into consideration the urgency of my request. The proofreading was done in quite a short period of time, and the quality absolutely satisfied me.Z Nurtanova
Thank you very much for the great job you have done for me. I think your service is brilliant and I will recommend [you to] my friends.M KissUWE
I am very satisfied with the quick response. Certainly, I will use the agency again!A Tingi

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  • Academic work
  • Business documents

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  • Websites
  • Essays and theses
  • Academic papers

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  • Presentations
  • Training materials
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